Friday, September 11, 2009

Los Angeles, California
solo show
opens at Gallery 825 September 11, 2009
825 N. LaCienega Blvd., Los Angeles, California

Fine Art Trekkin through Los Angeles,
Ginger and Luke Van Hook met
Shizuko Greenblatt.
In an interview 9.8.09 Sizuko explained the meaning of her exhibit. She told that in Japan, the colors for celebration are Red and White. The white represents purity and all that is sacred whereas the red stands for the energy, the happiness and the passion of the people. The red and white fans represent a wish for a bright future, the tree in the center depicts the branches reaching for the sky and the logs with branches painted black represent the obstacles one must overcome to achieve this happiness. In an expression of IKEBANA, Shizuko explained that the word means the enhancement of nature or a flower. In this case, the exhibition is titled "Growth of Civilization" and she has created all three of the elements necessary to achieve success.
In three parts, her exhibit encompasses
I. Overcoming
II. Reaching for the Sky
III. Infiinte Growth
Having met and worked with Shizuko for about a year now, Luke and I wish her success in her endeavors to achieve artistic recognition for her inspiring work. Shizuko allowed me to photograph her installation process and in these photos you'll witness as she develops the scene as skillfully as a theatre manager staging a show. Shizuko embodies a very positive spirit of inspiration and uniqueness in her work, drawing upon her personal culture and her experiences as an interior designer and artist. The show opens tonight at 6:00pm! Put it on your 'A' list of shows to see this month as it runs through October 9th!