Saturday, October 12, 2013

Los Angeles Art Association presents four solo shows by Xi Hou, David JAng, Katherine Rohrbacher and Chie Yamayoshi at Gallery 825

 On October 12, 2013, Los Angeles Art Association will present four solo exhibits by Xi Hou, David Jang, Katherine Rohrbacher and Chie Yamayoshi at Gallery 825.

In the exhibit Landscapes of the Mind, painter Xi Hou explores the simple, yet dynamic movement of lines through a two dimensional plane. The absolute clarity of Hou's paintings reference hard edge abstraction, while appropriating a subtle relief surface - intimately demonstrating the artist's uncommon mastery of surface.

In his new body of work, High Capacities David Jang seeks to establish intimacy with consumer matter and then willfully proceeds to transform the material. The artist's thirst for novelty shifts the attention away from the product to the process and the consumer. Jang's primary tactic is to subvert, dissect, comprehend, and redirect property (and its use in mechanical reproduction) to verify its potentiality and truth (or uncover its lie). In this way, the invisible inner workings of things are made visible.

Katherine Rohrbacher's solo exhibit Preface introduces the viewer to a series of self-portrait oil paintings. The artist became richly inspired by characters from well-known children's storybooks and allowed herself the opportunity to play the different roles from these classics including; Imogene from "Imogene's Antlers", Tiger Lily from "Peter Pan", "Little Red Riding Hood" and Max from "Where the Wild Things Are". These self-portraits are true painted moments of the artists' self-honesty, portrayed by characters whose stories run parallel with the artist's personal story.

Ephemeral Eternity is Chie Yamayoshi's ambitious 8 channel video installation. In Japan, the cherry blossoms are the symbol of the transient nature of life, renowned for its vibrant yet ephemeral beauty. After Japan's tsunami and earthquake disaster in 2011, they also became a measure of hope for the resurrection of life. Yamayoshi's videos capture different places in Japan where the wind restlessly strips petals from cherry trees. They are filmed one year after the disaster and all falling petals are computer-generated, meticulously constructed fabrications.

Reception: Saturday, October 12, 6 to 9p (runs through November 8)
Admission: Free
Where: Gallery 825, 825 N. La Cienega Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90069


For more information call 310.652.8272 or e-mail

Top Images by Xi Hou, David Jang, Katherine Rohrbacher and Chie Yamayoshi.

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